Professional Tree Removal

Tree removal can be needed because of disease, decay, safety, or simply preference.

Tree Removal

Tree removal services in Edmonton 

When We Do It

There are many reasons why you might need a tree removed — decay, storm damage, disease, or maybe the tree was planted too close to a driveway or fence early in its life and has now become an issue. Rest assured, Grinders is familiar with all of these issues. If the structure of your tree becomes compromised, having it removed is an issue of safety. We’ll assess the tree and come to a decision on how to best remove it, always taking into account proximity to structures and other safety factors in our removal plan. If preferred, tree removal can also include stump grinding. Grinders Tree Service is your go-to for the best tree removal in Edmonton.

How it’s done

Tree removals vary in difficulty based upon the age, size, and location of the tree, as does the equipment needed to complete the project. Most projects require simple chainsaws, wedges, and an axe to fell a tree safely in the direction you need it to go. When it comes to more complicated removals, in backyards with utility lines or a fragile landscape, we have a variety of more complex equipment we can use. Our low-profile equipment is designed to fit into tight spaces, with most tools having a 36” maximum footprint. We use a 70-36 AJ Spider Lift that can drive through a standard backyard gate and reach heights of 70 feet for our crew to get into large trees without climbing. We also employ a Good Rigging system, which is an anchoring device used with ropes to assist in hoisting and lowering large branches. Once the tree has been felled, we use heavy-duty skid steers to pull logs and branches (weighing up to 600 pounds) out of your yard and off-site. Our team also brings a wood chipper to break down brush and leaves for disposal offsite.

We provide professional tree removal services in Edmonton, Red Deer and its surrounding communities, including Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Sherwood Park.

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