Tree Cabling and Bracing Edmonton

Non-invasive means of cabling and bracing trees, which require no drilling or damage.

Cabling and Bracing

When We Do It

Cabling systems are used primarily on trees that have become multi-stemmed, meaning the load of the upper tree is not easily supported by one stable trunk. Tree cabling and bracing can allow the tree to grow naturally while protecting it from too much movement in high-wind weather. This can save large limbs and stems from becoming damaged or broken, negatively affecting the overall health of the tree and leaving it vulnerable to disease. Our arborists provide expert Tree cabling and bracing for Edmonton to Red Deer and surrounding areas.

How it’s done

We fit your trees with high-quality products to ensure the results are long-lasting. In most cases, the equipment used in our bracing process is made up of 4 components:
• A synthetic braided line which is wrapped around the at-risk stems (rated at 8000 lb of pull force)
• Sleeves which slide off the braided line to protect the bark of the tree from abrasion
• End caps with dates, so when inspecting a system we know when it was installed and if it requires replacement
• A shock absorption system (a 12” rubber tube installed inside of the braided line to allow expansion and contraction to give the tree flexibility)

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