Stump Removal

Stumps can be unsightly and interrupt the look of your landscaping, but they can also be a haven for trouble.

Stump Removal

When We Do It

Old stumps often become home to pests such as termites and ants. These pests, at best, can interfere from using your backyard freely. At worst, they can interrupt other infrastructure. Stump grinding can help to eliminate this threat and allow you to enjoy your green space. Stump grinding is a cost-effective method of stump removal, and is also safer and faster than using chemicals or burning. The average cost in the Edmonton area is $25 to $250, depending on the size on the stump.

How it’s done

Our team uses a stump grinder to remove the stump entirely. Not only does it remove the stump from sight, it also diminishes the ability for pests to live inside it, and severs the stump from the roots to ensure nothing is left to grow. In the stump grinding process, wood is broken down into mulch, and then mixed with soil. The resulting components can easily be replaced with fresh topsoil and grass.

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