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Are you looking for safe, secure, and professional Edmonton tree services? Our team of certified arborists and experienced labourers have been serving Edmonton and its surrounding regions for years. From tree maintenance to full removal, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure your tree needs are met professionally and pleasantly. We provide expert tree services in Edmonton and its surrounding communities, including Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Sherwood Park. Grinders Tree Service has recently expanded our service area to cover Highway 2 communities, as well as lake lots from Edmonton to Red Deer, Alberta.



Warm weather is upon us! When pruning isn't an option, remove unruly trees from your yard to reclaim your outdoor space. Tell us your name and contact information and we will get back to you for some details on your project, and book a time to provide a free quote.

What we Provide

Tree Removal

Don’t leave your tree removal to chance. The process can be tedious and more importantly, dangerous. When looking to remove trees, especially large or old ones, choose a professional team with the right equipment.



Pruning dead or disruptive tree branches is important for the safety of your space and the health of your trees, especially in a climate like Edmonton’s. Tiny or towering, we have the tools and equipment to get your trees in shape.


Stump Removal

Stumps can be unsightly and bothersome, but they can also be a safety hazard. Grinding ensures that the stump is gone for good. Avoid injury and damage to your equipment or yard by removing the stump the right way.


Featured Blogs

Removing & Pruning Elm Trees

Removing & Pruning Elm Trees: Edmonton Bylaws

At Grinders Tree Service, we pride ourselves in maintaining a professional level of service for our clients. That includes following all of the City of Edmonton standards and bylaws when it comes to elm pruning and removals. If you didn’t know, elm trees can not be pruned March 31st – October 1st of any year. The fresh cuts made during this time attract an elm bark beetle that can carry a fungal disease that is deadly to elm trees.

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Tree Pruning Edmonton

What Black Knot Fungus is and How to Remove It

Black knot (Apiosporina morbosa) is a spore-borne fungal disease that affects trees in the Cherry family (Prunus spp). The Black Knot spores are spread when damp or wet conditions are present in the environment. They are able to spread when the spores attach to birds, or humans. Things such as splashing water or the wind blowing can also cause spores to spread.

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Edmonton Tree Service

Why Stump Grinders are the Best Stump Removal Tool

Living in a large city like Edmonton comes with its challenges, from tight lane ways to houses so close together you can pass a cup of sugar from your window to your neighbour’s. These tight spaces make it even more of a challenge when it comes to taking care of your yard and your trees.

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