Mulching Services In Edmonton & Red Deer

Mulching is the clearing of land by way of reducing entire trees into small chips.

Mulching Services In Edmonton

Tree Mulching Services in Edmonton and Red Deer.

When We Do It

Mulching is often done to clear trees for right of ways, pipelines, and as a safety precaution to ensure power lines and trees do not meet. What most people don’t know is that mulching is far more cost-effective than hiring a crew of labourers armed with chainsaws and chippers. In fact, one person can operate a mulcher and clear 1 to 3 acres each day depending on the size of trees. This process leaves the ground flat with nutrient-rich mixd soil and wood chips, which can be a great condition for new growth. The mulching process is all-in-one, requiring no wood chippers or stump grinders. Flexibility of the machine to push over trees and mulch over top as it goes makes this the best tool for clearing large areas of land.

How it’s done

Commercial mulchers are large, heavy machines which vary in size and horsepower. They require trucking to get to site, but do an incredibly effective job once they’re there. Smaller mulcher heads can be mounted on larger skid steers but are limited in speed, and set parameters on the size of trees that can be mulched. Larger commercial mulcher units are wider, have much higher horsepower, and can work in all terrains. If your project requires a fair amount of land be cleared on a tight timeline, we recommend a heavy-duty mulcher.

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