Emergency Tree Removal

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Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal services in Edmonton 

When We Do It

Emergencies happen, and when it comes to trees, it’s essential to act swiftly. Whether it’s due to decay, storm damage, disease, or an ill-advised planting location, Grinders Tree Service has seen it all. Your safety is our top priority. When the structural integrity of a tree is compromised, removing it becomes a critical safety measure. We assess the situation meticulously, considering proximity to structures and other safety factors, and craft a removal plan that’s not just efficient but also safe. If you prefer, we can even include stump grinding to leave your property pristine. Count on Grinders Tree Service for top-notch emergency tree removal in Edmonton.

How it’s done

Our approach to emergency tree removal is tailored to each situation, prioritizing safety and speed. In urgent cases, we swiftly employ chainsaws, wedges, and axes for controlled falls. Even in complex scenarios like tight backyards or around utility lines, our low-profile equipment, including a 70-36 AJ Spider Lift, ensures precision without risk. We always use a Good Rigging system for secure branch handling. Once the tree is down, our heavy-duty skid steers efficiently remove logs and branches, while a wood chipper transforms brush and leaves for eco-friendly disposal.

We provide emergency tree removal services in Edmonton, Red Deer and its surrounding communities, including Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Sherwood Park.

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