Prevent interference with power lines and other structures.

Elm Tree Pruning

Expert Elm Tree Pruning In Edmonton & Surrounding Areas.

Prevent interference with power lines and other structures with our professional elm tree pruning services.

When We Do It

Aside from correcting overgrowth, pruning is a great way to maintain the long-term health of your elm trees. Some varieties of elm trees do self-prune to a certain degree, but a certified arborist can help to speed up benefits and mitigate damage. It is not uncommon for elm tree branches to twist and turn, which can cause abrasions in the bark. These imperfections can leave elm trees susceptible to diseases and insect damage. Pruning helps preserve the health of the elm tree by eliminating at-risk branches before problems can spread. This allows the remainder of the elm tree’s branches to stay healthy. Removal of excess elm tree branches also allows the elm tree to be more wind-resistant, preventing breakage and damage in harsh weather conditions. Grinders Tree Service provides the best elm tree pruning from Edmonton to Red Deer! Contact us today to get started.

How it’s done

Depending on the size and age of an elm tree, the tools required for pruning look very different. A younger elm tree might require a silky handsaw, hand pruners, and pole pruners, whereas an older elm tree may require all of these tools plus a chainsaw for branches with a diameter greater than 3 inches. Another standard tool needed to prune older, taller elm trees is lift equipment. The bulk of our equipment, including a 70-36 AJ Spider Lift, can drive through a standard backyard gate and reach heights of 70 feet. Whatever tools are required to prune your specific elm tree, we take extra care to disinfect all equipment to prevent the transfer of diseases such as black knot. That’s why we are Edmonton’s trusted choice for elm tree pruning and maintenance services.

We provide expert elm tree pruning services around Edmonton and its surrounding communities, including:

  • Spruce Grove
  • Stony Plain
  • Sherwood Park
  • Red Deer

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